Portrait Portfolio

These are a batch of portraits created for one of my clients. The request was that I shoot in a specific style, which is why the set-up is similar in most of the images.

I will be posting more in the near future to show more variation.

The first step in requesting my services is to get in contact with me.

The second step is to click here to download the Portrait Photography Contract (coming soon).

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Pricing Packages
One-Look Standard Headshot Package -$ 99
This photo session is suitable most business headshots and online profiles. It involves one pose, with either a neutral indoor or outdoor background. This is great for someone who wants to improve his or her LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media photograph. This is also great for online dating sights.  I would not recommend this package for actors or models since most actors/models require at least two different looks. This is a good choice for actors and models who just need a quick shot for an updated look.

This is a fast session that allows you to walk away with shots you are proud to display online or in printed material.
● 50-100 high-resolution .jpg photos are delivered
● One Look/Pose
● Delivery of photos within 24 hours of photo session

Invest in a Retouched Photo for $25 


Two-Look Premium Package – $155
The biggest difference in this package is that we spend more time preparing for the photo shoot by deciding the purpose of each look/position/wardrobe choice.

This is a good choice for actors who require a headshot that is a commercial look and one that has a dramatic look. This is also a good choice for someone interested in one headshot and one full-body or half-body shot.

Another way to mix up the looks is to have two different outfits.
● 100-200 high-resolution .jpg photos are delivered
● Two Looks, Poses or Outfits
●Delivery of photos within 24 hours of photo session

Invest in a Retouched Photo for $25 


Headshot Premium Package – $285
This photo session is great for those who want a little more creativity for their shots. For actors, you can get your headshots and an additional commercial look, which agents love to submit for different types.

For profile pictures, Facebook and dating websites, this is an opportunity to show different aspects of who you are in a flattering photographic way.

For business images, this is where we would get business headshots and/or “action” shots, which gives you an opportunity get professional images of you working.

You will have time to change three times and we will go to at least three locations for your photo session. This is also where we focus on character while I use techniques to make sure still have an authentic expression.

This photo session for this package takes about 2 hours.
● 200-350 finished photos are delivered
● Three Looks, Poses or Outfits
●Delivery of photos within 24 hours of photo session

Invest in a Retouched Photo for $25