I am redoing the portfolios (and possibly the entire site).

Originally, I pulled down the entire site, but I decided that was silly because if I kept the website up at least you have access to my contact page and a few pages while I am working on the site.

So for the time being, please forgive a photography site that has no portfolios.  😛

If you are looking for something specific, go to my contact page and send me a message. I’m sure I have examples I can send you that will give you examples similar to whatever project you are looking to have me get involved in. I have been doing this for years and have pretty much photographed every genre (though my specialties are events, portraits [especially business] and architecture.

With Gratitude,


What type of Photography are you looking for?

Travel Photography ( and Video and writing)

I have a separate website for my travel photography, which is my specialty.

Please go to Travel Better Podcasts for more information.

Retouching Services – Old Photo Restoration

I can restore your old photos.

Pricing is based on the individual project because each old image has different correction issues but most restoration is in the ballpark of $25 – $100 per photo.


Exterior Real Estate Photography in Rockleigh, New York by Photographer Leslie Lello

Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Architectural and Real Estate photography requires special techniques that are much different than portraits and live events.

The key with capturing a space is being able to show the honest lighting and shape of the space, while enhancing aspects like the sky (if requested).

Contact me to discuss your needs. Prepurchasing packages for multiple locations offer a 10% discount (10 location minimum).


Event photography Leslie Lello, Harlem Wizards in River Edge, New Jersey

Event Photography

From Sweet 16 parties, to christenings to your child’s sports event, I can cover those moments that you want to save for ever so that you can actually be in that moment, and not taking photographs.


Portrait Photography by Leslie Lello-

Portrait Photography

My specialty is business and social media portrait photography.

During photo sessions with doctors, I am often asked, “Why do I need a photo. My credentials are right there. People should not be picking their doctor based on my picture.”

While I agree with the doctor, that is unfortunately the world we live in today. An image on your website or social media profile can have a huge effect on how you are perceived online. Quality images are important. Additionally, I can help with the styling of the image so that it matches your online “brand” if you are a business, or if you are an individual, create a profile image that leaves the right impression about you online.


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